Klikot | About Us

Our Vision

Klikot is the future of social networking, a global social network that pays its users for their contribution. By creating content and inviting friends, users receive real money as a valued recognition of their contribution to the site. This is an internet revolution acknowledging that a site is its users and not its owners.

It’s not all about the money and contribution though. Klikot is a free advanced state-of-the art social network, developed industriously by the top experts in its field. Users in Klikot receive an outstanding user experience while being provided, like in the top global social networks, with great features and technologies such as multi network chat, applications foundation, mailbox, games, articles, albums, events, groups, blogs, discussions, and much more.

We are for the Community

Klikot’s contribution to the community goes even one step further by encouraging donations and cooperation with non-profit organizations. These organizations receive revenue every time their supporters use Klikot. Therefore, by simply using Klikot, users receive the great satisfaction of supporting the causes they believe in.